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ERP Systems


At Namaa Al-Sharq Company, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for the logistics and shipping industry. Our expert team works closely with clients to provide tailored and efficient services that propel businesses forward. Discover three of our top tech-related features that streamline logistics operations and drive success for companies of all sizes.

Inventory  Management System

Inventory Management System

Our advanced inventory management system harnesses the power of real-time data and automation to optimize stock levels, reduce errors, and save valuable time. This powerful tool ensures accurate tracking of products, minimizes stockouts, and enables efficient warehouse management.


Order and Billing Management

Namaa Al-Sharq’s order and billing management solution offers a centralized platform for managing orders, invoicing, and payments. This user-friendly system streamlines the entire process, reducing manual work and errors, while enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Order and  Billing Management
Smart Logistics and Transportation Tools

Smart Logistics and Transportation Tools

Our smart logistics and transportation tools leverage advanced algorithms, GPS technology, and real-time data to plan the most efficient routes, optimize load capacity, and monitor shipments. These tools not only save time and reduce costs but also contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly logistics practices.


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